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State Saudi Arabia His name and upbringing: Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Sadhan. He studied the primary stage at Talha bin Obaid Allah School, then moved to Al-Jahiz Primary School, then the intermediate stage at Palestine Intermediate School, then the secondary stage at Al-Jazirah High School, then moved to the Imam Al-Da`wah Institute, then moved to the Riyadh Scientific Institute and graduated from it in 1403 AH. His academic qualifications: • Graduated from the College of Sharia in Riyadh in the year 1406-1407 AH • Master's thesis from the College of Education at King Saud University, the title of the thesis is {Al-Qadah Al-Aqdiyyah in the Poetry of the First Abbasid Era and its Intellectual Mawara} and discussed on January 29, 1419 AH • PhD thesis from the Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion at the University of Imam, the title of the thesis is {Al-Hafiz Muhammad bin Taher Al-Maqdisi and his approach to belief with the study and verification of his book, the argument against the one who abandons the argument} and discussed on 3/4/1426 AH. old age: • The scholar Imam Abdul Aziz bin Baz, may God have mercy on him • Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Aqeel • Sheikh Abdullah bin Humaid, may God have mercy on him His works and positions: He assumed the Imamate in Abdul Aziz Al-Sadhan Mosque from 1404 to 1410, then moved to Al-Faruq Mosque from 1412 to 1423, then in Ibn Qudamah Mosque from 1423 to now. in it . His writings : • 1- Pulpit sermons 1-7 2- Benefits of explaining the Book of Tawheed 3- The benefits of explaining the book Manar Al-Sabil. 4- Imam Ibn Baz (lessons, attitudes and lessons). 5- Imam Al-Albani (lessons, attitudes and lessons) 6- Wafaa Al-Aqoud in the biography of Sheikh Hammoud 7- The biography of Sheikh Abdullah Al Abdul-Wahhab, published in the Journal of the Ministry of Justice. 8- Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Husayn 9- Milestones in the path of seeking knowledge. 10- Milestones in the calculation 11- Milestones in honoring one's parents 12- Milestones in the school exams 13- Milestones for the reciter of the Noble Qur’an 14- Milestones to the imams of mosques 15- Milestones in times of temptation and calamity 16- Milestones on the way to reform 17- Milestones in the jurisprudence of the Prophet’s answer 18- Violations of purification and prayer (1-2). 19- Violations of fasting 20- Hajj Violations 21- From the violations of women 22- Miscellaneous violations 23- A brief summary of violations of purity and prayer 24- A brief summary of Hajj and Umrah violations 25- The slogan of the owners of the hadith of the ruler (investigation). 26- Wrong opinions and false narrations about the lives of the prophets 27- Forty Hadiths on Education and Curriculum 28- Common hadiths 29- Books, men, news and hadiths under the microscope (1-3). 30- The rumor 31- Contradictions 32- Clarification in the prostrations of the Qur’an 33- Issues of Abi Omar Al-Sadhan by Imam Ibn Baz (1-2) 34- Scientific evidence 35- Insightful Index 36- There is nothing wrong with purification, God willing 37- From weak additions to the correct texts 38- A seeker of knowledge between arrangement and chaos 39- Anomalies from the history of the Sadhan family 40- Popular proverbs from the Arabian Peninsula quoted from legal texts 41- Among the provisions of sleep 42- From the provisions of slippers 43- Educational and methodological lessons in the conduct of the Companions, may God be pleased with them 44- One of the signs of the Hour 45- Winter has come 46- Popular proverbs and common words in the balance of Sharia 47- Sheikh Bakr bin Abdullah Abu Zaid (lessons, attitudes and lessons) 48- From the advice of scholars to students of knowledge 49- Ruling on reserving a place in the mosque 50- Al-Hafiz Muhammad bin Taher Al-Maqdisi and his approach to belief (PhD thesis) 51- Al-Qadah Al-Addalah in the Poetry of the First Abbasid Era (Master’s Thesis) 52- Part in Akhbar Al-Sufyani (published in Al-Diriyah magazine). 53- Benefits from the first verses in Surat Yusuf 54- The status of scholars 55- Exalting monotheism in the hearts of young children (published by the Ministry of Education). 56- Excerpted from “The Book of Obedience” by Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (collection). 57- I have heard and seen 58- Benefits from five hadiths from the news of the Antichrist 59- Milestones in Hajj (a refereed research published in a magazine belonging to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs). 60- From the efforts of His Eminence Sheikh Ibn Baz, may God have mercy on him, in defending the Prophet $ (a tight research published in Sunan magazine) 61- The orphan maqamah 62- Benefits and benefits in the subject of names 63- O seeker of knowledge, how do you read? How do you save? How do you understand? 64- One of the reasons for happiness 65- The false will. 66- From the morals of the prophets 67- Benefits from the hadith of Al-Isra and Al-Miraj.

معالم في أوقات الفتن والنوازل
معالم في أوقات الفتن والنوازل
معالم في أوقات الفتن والنوازل book pdf by Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad Al-Sadhan