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Dr. Youssef Al-Esh in Tripoli, Lebanon, in 1911, and emigrated with his family to the city of Aleppo, where he spent his preparatory and high school studies, which he finished in Damascus. He was sent to France, where he studied literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, and he returned to Damascus in 1935, where he was appointed director of the Al-Zahiri Library House. In 1946, he moved to Cairo, where he worked as secretary of the Culture Committee at the League of Arab States, and director of the Manuscripts Institute there. In the meantime, he continued his preparation for the Doctor of Arts degree, where he obtained it in 1946. He returned to Syria in 1950, where he worked in a number of positions, including Secretary General of the Syrian University, Director General of the Syrian Radio, Professor in the Faculty of Arts, and then Professor in the College of Sharia and Dean to her. He passed away in April of 1967, and he held this position.

الدولة الأموية والأحداث التي سبقتها ومهدت لها
الدولة الأموية والأحداث التي سبقتها ومهدت لها
Islamic history
الدولة الأموية والأحداث التي سبقتها ومهدت لها book pdf by youssef ish