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Dr. Nasser Al-Ansari obtained a Bachelor of Laws from the Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University in 1968 and a diploma in police sciences in the same year and obtained postgraduate studies in management from George Washington University in the United States of America (1979). In the history of legal, political and social systems from the Faculty of Law (Axe-Provence) at the University of Marseille, France (81 - 1985). Dr. Nasser Al-Ansari held several important positions, as he held the position of Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic since 1975, Head of the Central Administration for Hospitality Trustees 1988 and Undersecretary of the Chief Secretaries’ Diwan from 1989 - 1991, then Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority of the Egyptian Opera House November 1991 - November 1997 and Chairman of the Board of Directors The General Authority of the National Library and Archives from March 1998 to 1999, then he served as Director General of the Arab World Institute in Paris from January 1999 to March 2005, then Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian General Book Authority from March 2005 until his death. Among his books, Encyclopedia of Egyptian Rulers from the Pharaohs to Today (1987), The History of Police Systems in Egypt from the Pharaohs to Today (1990), Bibliography of Public Security, Police and Criminal Sciences from 1955 1988 in Egypt (1990) shared with Aboul Fotouh Odeh, from Bareq al-Aqd Al-Farid Ibn Abd Rabbo (1995, second edition 2003), Al-Majmal fi History of Egypt (1997), These Ruled Egypt (Scientific Review by Dr. Nasser Al-Ansari), the History of Ceremonies in Egypt, the Royal Court in the Empires of Ancient West Africa, The Flag of Egypt (1997), Money and tax banks (1998), the sacred authority of the pharaoh in theory and practice (1998), the system of real estate ownership in Egypt from the Pharaonic eras until the twentieth century (1998), the summary in the history of Egyptian law (1998), Arabization versus globalization, elements of a new theory year ( 2002) Dr. Nasser Al-Ansari was awarded the Order of Merit from Egypt, the Legion of Honor from the Commander (Commander) class from France, and many honors from Brunei, Nepal, Indonesia .. and others.

المجمل فى تاريخ مصر
المجمل فى تاريخ مصر
Islamic history
المجمل فى تاريخ مصر book pdf by naser elansary