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A novelist, writer and critic, she paid special attention to women's affairs and issues. Latifa El-Zayat was born in Damietta, Egypt, on August 8, 1923, in Damietta (Egypt), and received her education in Egyptian schools, then at Cairo University. She began her university work in 1952, and obtained a doctorate in literature from the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University in 1957. She held many positions, as she was elected in 1946, as a student, as the Secretary-General of the National Committee for Students and Workers, which participated in the Egyptian people’s movement against the British occupation. She headed the Department of English Language and Literature during 1952, in addition to heading the Criticism Department at the Institute of Dramatic Arts, and worked as Director of the Academy of Arts. She also held the position of Director of Child Culture, Head of the Dramatic Criticism Department at the Institute of Dramatic Arts 1970 - 1972, and Director of the Academy of Arts 1972 - 1973. Her experience extended to many cities due to her father's work in municipal councils, but he died in 1935, when she was twelve years old. She was distinguished by her ability to express herself and express herself. She retained her vision as an Egyptian fighter, not just a female, even during her engagement and marriage. She was attached to Marxism while she was a student at the Faculty of Arts, Fouad I University, and according to her saying: "My attachment to Marxism was emotionally emotional," meaning that she embraced Marxism emotionally. However, it was her first marriage project with "Abdul Hamid Abdul Ghani" who was known by the name "Abdul Hamid Al Kateb" and we will show It is detailed later. He was not a Marxist under any circumstances. Rather, he spent a large part of his day and night in a mosque, and he memorized Islamic history to a good degree. The two were associated with an engagement ring. This project was not able to take place, but Latifa, with her culture, personality and beauty, left its mark on the psyche of "Abdul Hamid al-Katib", and he himself recorded these emotions in an early article of his on the last page of (Akhbar Al-Youm) newspaper under the title (Engagement Ring). Then she entered a second experiment that was more appropriate to her thought and nature, and she was linked to marriage with Ahmed Shukri Salem.. the doctor in science later, the first communist to be sentenced to seven years in prison, and Ahmed and Latifa were arrested in 1949 under the responsibility of the communist case. They separated by divorce after Shukri was sentenced and her exit from the case, and her lawyer was Mustafa Marei.

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