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Suzanne Abulhawa is the daughter of Palestinian refugees from the 1967 war. She grew up in Kuwait, Jordan, occupied East Jerusalem, and the United States. Abulhawa completed her graduate studies at the University of South Carolina, and had a career in the medical sciences. She later moved into journalism and fiction and has contributed to two sets of excerpts, which have been published in major and minor American and international newspapers and other periodicals. Mornings in Jenin (originally published in 2006 as The Scar of David) is her first novel. The novel was later translated into Arabic with the title "While the World Sleeps". Abul-Hawa is the founder of Playgrounds for Palestine, a non-governmental organization that advocates for Palestinian children by building playgrounds in Palestine and UN refugee camps in Lebanon. The first stadium was built in early 2002.

بينما ينام العالم
بينما ينام العالم
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