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Samar Al-Muqrin is a Saudi journalist and writer, born in Riyadh in 1974. She works in the Kuwaiti newspaper "Awan", and has a column entitled "Light" in the Emirati magazine Bint Al Khaleej. Bachelor of Education, specializing in pre-primary education from King Saud University - College of Education in 1421 AH / 1422 AH corresponding to 2000 / 2001 AD. She holds a master's degree in journalism and media, from the Kingdom of Bahrain. Previously, she headed the community section of the Saudi Al-Watan newspaper, and was the first woman to head a daily section in a Saudi newspaper outside of the women's sections. It adopted the cases of female prisoners in Saudi Arabia and published dozens of investigations and reports about them, as well as many cases of violence and discrimination against women in Saudi society.

نساء المنكر
نساء المنكر
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