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Dr. Salah El-Din Hussein, born in Al-Sisiniyah, July 24, 1961
Faculty member at Tartous University
Graduated from the Faculty of Arts - Tishreen University - Department of Arabic Language - Specialization in Linguistics (Linguistics)
He studied at Al-Furat University, Tartous University, and private universities
He has important articles in the field of linguistics found on websites, in addition to my doctoral and master's thesis and doctoral thesis entitled "Sound Changes in the Arabic Linguistic Structure".
He participated in many linguistic and literary forums and delivered many important lectures in cultural centers in all governorates. He is very popular among his students because of giving each student what he deserves and his cheerful spirit.
He is married and has 4 children (Ali - Muhammad - Ahed - Ezzedine)
He is considered one of the most prominent symbols of the village due to his scientific and intellectual level and his acquisition of the love of all the people of the village
It is reported that Dr. Salah Al-Din Hussein is the brother of the martyr Mohsen Saeed Hussein, nicknamed the Desert Falcon

التغيرات الصوتية في التركيب اللغوي العربي
التغيرات الصوتية في التركيب اللغوي العربي
التغيرات الصوتية في التركيب اللغوي العربي book pdf read and download by Salah El-Din Said Hussein