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Girl book publisher from Baghdad. Rizgar Karim was born in northern Iraq in the city of Sulaymaniyah in 1973. He completed his education from the beginning to the Faculty of Languages ​​in the same city. He was interested in literary subjects since his childhood and in the fifth grade of primary school he wrote his first poem about the tragedy of his people. His literary writings He wrote his first novel in 2002 entitled (The Tragedy), which was translated into Persian and part of it into English. In 2005 he wrote his novel, which talks about the crisis of the self, in the Kurdish language. In 2006 he wrote his first novel in Arabic (A Girl from Baghdad), which he himself translated into the Kurdish language and then translated into Persian. Norway and began his career there and became a member of the Association of Writers (P.E.N), and after several years he wrote his famous novel (2015) about street children and compared the situation of these miserable people with the situation of children in European countries in the Kurdish language. His works in the field of language he wrote Dictionary of Deraya (Arabic-Kurdish). The dictionary consists of two parts and has been printed in several editions. The Cheyenne Dictionary (Kurdish-Arabic) has been printed several times. Zir Dictionary (Arabic-Kurdish) medium size, printed several times. Books series of educational books for Diaspora students: *I am learning Arabic, Books One, Two, and Three, with auxiliary books. *I am learning the Kurdish language, book one, two, three, and four, with auxiliary books. * Education series in Arabic and Kurdish. * The book I learn the names of the pictures in the languages ​​(Norwegian - Arabic and Kurdish)

فتاة من بغداد
فتاة من بغداد
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