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Nawzat Salem Khalil Shamdin Agha, writing on behalf of Nawzat Shamdin. He was born in the Al-Faisaliah area in the city of Mosul on August 1, 1973, in which he completed his primary studies, and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Al-Hadba University College in its first session. He worked in the legal field for eight years before leaving it and devote himself fully to journalism. Nozat remained in the city of Mosul, unlike the rest of his well-known Sunni Kurdish family, who shared exile over the past four decades or stayed in the city of Zakho in northern Iraq, which is the family's original home. At the beginning of the nineties, he began publishing small clips in Al-Hadba newspaper and Baghdad's weekly and daily newspapers. He wrote poetry at the beginning of his career, then moved to the world of short stories, writing and publishing many of them in Iraq and abroad, and participated in two versions of the book (Stories from Nineveh), and received appreciation awards. , to come in 2002 and publish his real novel (Half a Moon), which represented his real breakthrough. After 2003, he worked as an editor in (Wadi Al-Rafidain) newspaper, then (The Future of Iraq), and in late 2004 he worked as a reporter for the daily Al-Mada newspaper in Mosul, and continued his work until March 6, 2014 before leaving with his family to Norway. He published in Al-Mada newspaper on a daily basis over those years, thousands of news, reports, investigations and interviews about the city of Mosul. During that period, he worked as a reporter for the German Niqash website, and continued to do so until he became its editor in the capital, Berlin, in August 2014. He published on this site dozens of stories and news reports and also worked as a correspondent for the German economic magazine WPI, writing for it about the economic issue of Mosul and the challenges the city faced in this regard between 2009-2011. He worked as an editor in the Iraqi newspaper and a director of the Iraqi News Agency website, but the most important thing he did was publishing the 36-page monthly literary newspaper (Thaqafat). It represented the first literary publication of its kind in Nineveh, which opened its doors to all literary pens without exception, whether modernist, classical, political, or independent. Between 2004 and 2014, Nawzat Shamdin served as a member of the administrative board of the General Union of Iraqi Writers and Writers, and won three elections. Because of his journalistic work and his boldness in speaking, he was exposed to three assassination attempts, two of which were imminent, the first on Najafi Street in the tenth month of 2013, and then a few weeks later in the Al-Qusyat area north of the city of Mosul. Thus, he decided to leave with his wife and three children as a guest writer to the Kingdom of Norway, which opened the doors of giving to him by granting him the freedom to write and travel. It was his great opportunity to raise the issue of Mosul, which he personally adopted, and he began touring European capitals, speaking about the injustice that befell them, and there he tells the story of its destruction. He did this at the capital conference in Stavanger, Norway, and in the Dutch capital Amsterdam during the Icorn Conference, at the Norwegian Mawlid Festival, and at a regular session of the Telemark government in southeastern Norway, as well as in the municipality of the French capital, Paris, and he also toured Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Tunisia and Turkey, to nickname him His friends and acquaintances with the ambassador of Iraq or Mosul. Shamdin trained Iraqi journalists in development workshops in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, and lectured at the Higher Press Institute in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Shamdin issued a book (We Are Coming Ya Atiq) in late 2014, which is the first book of resistance issued against ISIS’s occupation of the city of Mosul, and it was distributed in a limited way. Prior to that, he had published a book of articles entitled (Mosul in Beijing), and Icorn and PEN International published a book for him entitled (The Story of a Survivor from Mosul) in English, which was distributed in Europe and published by Alkranda, Icorn and Norwegian websites, which is a lengthy dialogue conducted with the famous American journalist Larry Sims, and interpreted on behalf of Mardan. In 2015, he also published the second edition of the novel (Half a Moon) by Moment House in London. In the same year, he published his second novel (The Fall of the Crypt) by the Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing. Translated into Kurdish, German and English languages.

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