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Manal Al-Alam is a cook of Palestinian origin and Jordanian nationality. She studied (Bachelor of Psychology in 1981, Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University). From 1983 until now I participated in advertisements on food products such as - the advertising campaign for India Gate rice - which is external advertisements in the form of posters in the streets, on buses and in newspapers Participation in the judging committees for culinary competitions in many places Participating in many festivals since 1983 Contributing In meetings, seminars, meetings and conferences related to a great deal of knowledge and knowledge of most of what is new in the world of the kitchen and the family through constant access to everything related to this in newspapers, specialized magazines, books, television and the Internet. Al-Qabas - Maedati magazine - Habibi Ya Kuwait magazine - Our magazine “Manal’s Kitchen” - “Manal’s Secrets” - “Manal Al-Alam” - “Chef Manal Al-Alam”. Recently, it started producing excellent quality cooking utensils and utensils and carried its trade name.

مطبخ آمال العالم
مطبخ آمال العالم
مطبخ آمال العالم book pdf read and download by Manal Al-Alam