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Amir Mounir is considered one of the most famous preachers on social media platforms, a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy, who decided to change his career, such as Hanan Lashin, Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud, Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq and a large list of graduates of medical schools in particular. After graduating, he worked in the field of pharmacy, but soon discovered that this path was not suitable for him, and he saw himself in the call to God. Amir Munir entered the path of invitation through a new portal on which most people, or if you wish, all of them, the portal of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Amir Munir's style was distinguished by his closeness to the style of the youth, and here people were divided into two opinions: one saying that this is wrong, and that religious discourse should not be degraded in this way by choosing titles for his video clips with the names of popular topics. Another opinion says that this is something that was necessary, and they call for the importance of having such personalities and preachers on these platforms and crowding out empty content that is devoid of religion and morals. Whether you are with the first or second opinion, this does not mean that it has been widely accepted on these platforms.

كتاب إلى الله أمير منير
كتاب إلى الله أمير منير
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كتاب إلى الله أمير منير book pdf by Amir Munir