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Ahmed Magdy Sabry was born on the 20th of February in the last year of the twentieth century in the village of Al-Taybeh, one of the villages of the Nabarouh Center in the Dakahlia Governorate.

... He began writing poetry when he was in the fifth grade of primary school at Abd al-Nabi Ziada Primary School, then turned to the article while he was in middle school, and from there to the novel when he joined the Faculty of Medicine at Mansoura University in 2017.

... Since the beginning of his literary career, he took the name Al-Mohammadi for himself as an expression of his vision and the internal framework that collected his works with different templates and themes.

... Al-Muhammadi was influenced by the optimism of Elia Abi Madi, and by the religious-philosophical revolution in the neighborhoods of Naguib Mahfouz, so we find in all his works "God and Hope".

* Among his unpublished works:

From the womb to the earth, a poetry collection.

- In the space of thought, "a complex of articles".

A Mind in an Empty Bowl, a short story.

- The rape of Yaroses with marital blessings, Part One, "a novel".

* From the works published electronically:

Dreams of an expatriate "a novel".

احلام مغترب
احلام مغترب
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