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I grew up in the Al-Awabid roundabout of the village of Khams Nakhlat, belonging to the municipality of Ouled Fares - the state of Chlef - the formerly (it is located halfway between the cities of Algiers and Oran), and I was born there in 1956, and educated in her primary school, then moved to Al-Asnam (currently Chlef), and there She continued her studies and obtained a certificate at the end of primary school in 1971, and studied two years of intermediate education at Al-Khwarizmi High School and Al-Basateen High School, then moved to Oran in 1973, where she completed the intermediate education stage at Ibn Khaldoun Intermediate School, and secondary education at Colonel Lutfi High School, and obtained the baccalaureate in 1977 In 1979, I worked in intermediate education as a professor of history and geography, and joined the university in 1982 and obtained a BA in history in 1986, after which I worked in secondary education in 1987, and in 1988 I joined the university to study a master’s until I got his degree in 1996, and its subject was “study and investigation” The manuscript of the pride of the Berbers by an unknown author” under the supervision of Dr. Ibrahim Fakhar and the assistance of Dr. Ghazi Jassem Al-Shamry, an Iraqi professor working at the University of Oran, and he is the one who supervised my PhD thesis in the history of Morocco Islamic, and its topic was “The Berbers in Andalusia and Their Position on the Sedition of the Fifth Hijri Century.”

تاريخ الاندلس
تاريخ الاندلس
Historical Anthology
تاريخ الاندلس book pdf by Abd elkader Popayeh